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Do you want to immerse yourself in a unique world of music and emotions? We offer you a chance to see the real genius of modern Russian music - singer Zemfira! A talented and charismatic artist, originally from Ufa, managed to win the hearts of millions of fans throughout the country and far beyond its borders.

From childhood, Zemfira showed amazing musical potential. At just seven years old, she began writing her own works, and then entered music school. In 1997, she created the group "Zemfira", and this was the first step towards a great musical career.

Her first big success came in 1999, when the song “Speed” became a real hit and captured the attention of radio stations. Soon after this, Zemfira released her first video for the song “Arivederchi,” which was filmed in Prague. Her first official performance took place in the Moscow club "Republic Beefeater", and since then the artist began to conquer big stages.

Zemfira’s biography is further filled with bright events and merits. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, she was included in the ranking of the most influential women in Russia, compiled by such authoritative sources as the Ekho Moskvy radio station, news agencies RIA Novosti and Interfax, as well as Ogonyok magazine.

Today Zemfira remains one of the most iconic and successful rock singers not only in Russia, but also abroad. Her concerts at music festivals with thousands of people always attract huge crowds of fans. In order not to miss the chance to see her performance, order tickets on our website - it’s fast and convenient!

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