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Teatr Muzyczny ROMA w Warszawie




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WarsawTeatr Muzyczny ROMA w Warszawie

30Tue, 19:00Apr



Teatr Muzyczny ROMA w Warszawie is a unique place in the very center of Warsaw. Located in a former cemetery, the theater building has become famous for its historical significance and elegance.

Despite its long history, Teatr Muzyczny ROMA never ceases to amaze its guests. The building of the famous Catholic house of Pius XI, known as "Roma", was opened in 1936. Its Neo-Renaissance building is a magnificent example of architectural craftsmanship.

Over the decades of its existence, Teatr Muzyczny ROMA has gone through several reconstructions and transformations. But despite all the changes, this site has retained its uniqueness and ancient charm. Our theater offers visitors a spacious auditorium with seating for up to two thousand people. The special pride of the building is the underground bomb shelters, which embody the historical heritage.

At Teatr Muzyczny ROMA, we pay great attention to the comfort of our guests. The theater provides a special elevator for people with disabilities, which safely lifts them up two steps. In addition, the institution offers a special place for people with disabilities in the auditorium.

You can find out a more detailed schedule and poster of the upcoming events of Teatr Muzyczny ROMA on our official website. Booking tickets online is easy and fast. Visit the theater and enjoy an unforgettable performance in a historical role. Teatr Muzyczny ROMA embodies the best traditions of art and impresses its guests with its unique spirit and energy.