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Filharmonia im. Mieczysława Karłowicza


The Mieczyslaw Karlovic Philharmonic in Szczecin is an outstanding venue for musical events. This is the true realm of music, where sounds permeate the space and transport visitors to other centuries and epochs. But the Philharmonic not only offers a fascinating journey into musical history, but also promotes the development of musical talents among the youngest music lovers.

EduFilharmonia is an extraordinarily diverse event designed specifically for children. Here children and teenagers can enjoy music, learn about instruments and composers, and develop their musical skills in special classes and master classes. Philharmonic artists share their knowledge and experience with young musicians with inspiration and professionalism, helping them to unleash their creative potential.

The Philharmonic building, with its pointed architecture and golden symphony Hall, impresses with its beauty and grandeur. Inside, for the youngest visitors, it turns into a real fairy tale, where every step opens up new notes and instruments. It is a place where children can immerse themselves in the world of music, explore different genres and artists, and experiment with sounds on their own.

The schedule of events and concerts can be found on our website, where you can also book tickets online quickly and easily. The Philharmonic invites you and your children on an exciting journey into the world of music and fairy tales, where everyone can find something special for themselves. The Mieczyslaw Karlovic Philharmonic is the true embodiment of musical art, where every visit becomes an unforgettable and inspiring experience.